obviouslyobsessive asked:

Hello! I absolutely adore your art, especially your traditional sketchy sketches! I was wondering what markers/inking you use?

Hey hey! Thank you for the kind words!

I don’t have my supply bag in my new apartment right now— it seems like I left it in the purse I left at home. (Oops. I can get it tomorrow, I think, maybe.) So no nice-looking supply photos here.

I’ve been living off of 0.7mm Pilot G-2 pens for now. They are great— the metal tip means they’re durable and reliable. I also have a couple of these, which are equally amazing, if not better.

I also have a couple chisel-tip/calligraphy pens. Once you get used to them and take advantage of their shape, they’re amazingly flexible and expressive. I’m not even going to bother linking— any chisel-tip pen with calligraphy on the label is fine. Sharpies are a bit clunky imho, but for large drawings, try a Sharpie Magnum. Carry it around with you. Intimidate others.

I only shell out big bux for brush pens. This one is my most expensive pen, but the ink refills are cheap and it feels awesome. I use this all the time— you get a nice medium grey like a alcohol marker but it doesn’t bleed through as much. This one is alright, it’s a nice black but it gives more of a dry brush look than I like. Those also have refills. Only get brush pens with actual bristles like these, felt-tipped ones just fray and sap your money.

Of course you should experiment and find out what’s best for you, but I can’t imagine a better set of pens for me. I like to try out all the pens in the store but I keep coming back to what I listed above.

Now I’m going to watch a documentary, work on my thesis, and pine for my pocket brush pen. Ahh….

disabbointment asked:

i was wondering what brushes you use?

Right now I’m almost exclusively using Kyle T Webster’s brushes! I have the ultimate drawing set, the screentone brushes, the runny inkers, and all the free brushes. If you get nothing else, get the free brushes— Mr. Natural is amazing.

I also use fox-orian’s illustration brushes. Also free, also amazing.

It’s also a good idea to learn how to make your own brushes— no need to reinvent the wheel, but it’s easier to make simple effect brushes than go hunting every time you need a dashed line or star field or something.

I just… love my brushes…